Winter Driving Tips for Truckers

Winter can be a dangerous time, especially if you're a truck driver who is on the road for most of their day. While you can't control everything that happens on the highway, there are things you can do to keep some of your safety in your own hands. Check out our winter driving tips for truckers.

Be Prepared: Knowing is a big part of the battle of driving in the winter. Check the weather before you leave so you have an idea of what to expect on your route. If conditions aren't ideal, give yourself extra time, or consider if the trip is necessary.

Before you travel anywhere, especially in poor conditions, make sure your phone is fully charged. It can help people find you if you become lost, and is your lifeline if you need help. Avoid using the phone while you're driving; it is distracting and illegal.

Be careful for black ice. It's one of the most dangerous aspects of winter driving because you can never see it coming. What you can do is watch for ice buildup on your windshield. That's usually a sign that the conditions are favourable for black ice. Bridges, shaded areas, and overpasses are all spots that freeze faster, and can often have black ice when the conditions are right.

Dress for the Occasion: The cab of your rig is going to be climate controlled, so you'll be able to stay warm and cozy while you're on the road. But when you get out, things can change in a hurry. With wintertime comes winter weather, so you want to be sure your footwear and clothing are ready to handle whatever nature throws at you. Dress in layers so you can be comfortable at any time, and make sure you have sturdy footwear with a great grip so you're not slipping on ice as soon as you get out of your cab.

Communication: Make sure you have a cell phone with you, and more importantly, make sure it's charged and stays charged. In an emergency, you need to be able to contact someone for help as soon as possible. Let this extend to your radio and truck stops, too. Find out how others are doing, and what the condition is like on the road ahead. A prepared driver is a safe driver.

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