Graduate Testimonials

We're proud of the driver education we provide to our students. Please see what they have to say as well and some of the good times they have together at our school. We do our best to serve our students, families, and communities with a professional and comfortable driver education experience that will keep them safe on the roads for years and years to come.

We have been providing the highest quality training in New Brunswick for over 25 years, and pride ourselves on providing our students the best possible learning environment. Our curriculum is approved by the Province of New Brunswick and The Trucking Human Resources Sector Council Atlantic.

Graduate Testimonials

  • Customer Testimonails

    I'd recommend the school to anyone looking to start their career of becoming a trucker, great instructors and great teaching. Thanks to all of you, I am now onto my dream job and can't wait.

    Derek Girouard
  • Customer Testimonails

    Just a quick note to let you know the Driving Test was a SUCCESS. This picture is for I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you at Trans- Canada College. I really enjoyed the instructions. Could you pass my Thanks to Marcus, Mark, Danna and Kenny for everything. Thank you again for all your and Stacey's hard work for planning everything. Can you also pass my Gratitude to Dave Mctyre for the great instructions online, I did learn alot from it. Thank you again

    Gilles Doiron
  • Customer Testimonails

    Hellooo......wanda!! Thank you so much to help me to keep moving forward to reach of my dreams!! Thank you so much Marc and Donna.

    Boris Niyongere
  • Customer Testimonails

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed learning to drive with Laurent! He is very knowledgeable and was always kind. His instructions were always very clear and helpful! He always has an answer for all of my questions. I just wanted you to know I really enjoyed my time with him! Thank you,

    Patrick Rollin
  • Customer Testimonails

    I passed my road test and I wanted to thank Trans Canada college for all the patience and hard work and professionalism that lead to success. Thank you for everything. Sincerely,

    Joshua DeMerchant
  • Customer Testimonails

    A training facility that provides the skills you need to be successful in meeting the needs within the trucking industry.

    Richard Francis
  • Customer Testimonails

    I'm attending the class one now and I love it great experience and awesome instructors looking forward to jump in that truck.

    Cameron James McNaughton​​​​​
  • Customer Testimonails

    it is a really good place to take your truckers liscence, its a great company and also great instructors

    Jean-Marc Hebert
  • Customer Testimonails

    Just got my class one today and couldn't have asked for a better group of instructors to help me get it

    Sam Maillet
  • Customer Testimonails

    Best place to go for class 1E driver training. With all the driver instructor there is over 135 yrs experience. Vary happy to be a student from that school success rate is over 99% that you will come out with your class 1E. And they will go out of there way to get into the seat with a company they can't guaranty it but they will help you to get there vary happy with my outcome.

    Brian Kirouac
  • Customer Testimonails

    Awesome group of instructors. Shawn, the classroom instructor, was a funny guy but when someone did something that he was impressed with, he had no problem telling you. Ricky, my driver trainer in Miramichi was awesome as well. Likewise, when you did something that was good, he told you. Donna and Wanda…Well…I wouldn't be where I am right now without those two.

    Bob Tucker
  • Thank you Rodney for teaching me more about road signs and rules. Donna and Jason take me in different driving environments . They correct me easy and keep me encouraged so I don't get nervous. Stacey and Wanda support the document side and make appointments at the right time. You all know very well what you are doing. Thank you all of you. I appreciate it.

    Deepkumar Patel
  • You guys and Laurent made it possible...when I first met Laurent I told him I had a hard head and he drill it in to me glad he did could never thank you guys enough.

    Daniel Drisdelle
  • I want to take this time to air my complete satisfaction and professionalism i was treated with by the administrative office and the Instructors Department at 966 Frenette ave.. Instructor Marc has a great touch with his classes,combined with mentorship and a sharp sense of humor and communication skills set. I Am thankful and will always recommend TransCanada College to everyone. I Made great friends too.

  • Hey Wanda, just wanted to say that I think this school was amazing for me, Thanks to Donna for being such a good teacher in the beginning, funny too, and thanks to you for all the scheduling I needed done and for doing so much work behind the scenes, and then thanks to Kenny for being literally the best trainer I could ask for, He and the rest of you did a great job. I appreciate everything you all did for me, Thank you!

    Dryden Paddock
  • I just wanted to thank all of you guys for making this new career decision I made a very positive one. You made sure everything went smooth and I thank you for all the behind the scenes work you do. Because of that, the Service NB side of things went super easy. Lydia even helped me get in there this morning to pick up my license without waiting. Donna was an excellent teacher and kept the learning upbeat and fun. Rodney was the perfect driving instructor. Hell of a guy, firm when he had to be but also made me feel at ease. I'm really glad I made the decision to go with you guys, so again THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

    Steve Hickox
  • A fabulous trucking education, in and out of classroom, with behind the wheel experienced instructors who were patient as we grew along in our own learning ways. This school is well worth your time and effort and they care about you and encourage you in many ways including finding work placement." I am so glad I took the course and am well on my way to better pay.

    Troy Freeman
  • I would like to thank my instructors Mr. Campbell Arbeau and Mr. Kenny Ward for their amazing teaching skills and personality where they share their experience with us during our training sessions. It was really fortunate to have them as my instructors. I am very happy that I choose Trans Canada College and I will always recommend this college to all my friends who would love to do this course in future.

    Manjunath Kodikai
  • Here at Crosby Molasses we recognize individuals who go above and beyond normal duties with a High Five, Jim and I would like to extend a High Five to Dave McIntyre for his outstanding efforts in helping the both of us achieve our goal. It is not only the outcome that should be commended but the journey to get there, the pride he takes in his work, not only the teaching side of it but the profession itself was apparent from the beginning making for a very positive few weeks. I do not think the two of us could imagine the time we spent with him as being any better or productive so a High Five to Dave for a great experience, truly a professional!

    Dave Cromwell and Jim McGouey
  • I had the privilege to learn how to properly and safely operate a commercial vehicle to obtain my Class 3 with Campbell and Kenny in the Oromocto class. Both gentleman are very knowledgeable and willing to teach you everything you need to be a successful and professional driver!

    Shana Noseworthy
  • I would like to thank instructors Kenny Ward and Campbell Arbeau for helping me obtain my Class 3 truck endorsement. Their patience and expertise were second to none and I cannot thank them and Trans Canada College enough. Great school with awesome people behind it!!!

    Reg Barton
  • This (Trans Canada College) is the place to get your class 1 license in one shot, really happy with their training did airbrakes in the first shot too, awesome experience. Special thanks to our trainers Brain, Donna and Mark.

    Garvit Arora
  • My brother, fiancé and I all took the class 1 course from Trans Canada College and had our road tests today, we all passed in one shot! The best trainers and staff ever, so helpful and they taught us not only for the test but for our trucking careers in general! Appreciate Donna, Mark, Brian, Wanda and Stacey for their help and support ! 11/10 recommended!

    Tanveer Behniwal

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