Transport Coolant Tips

With many different coolant options available today, and with each one offering different benefits, it can become confusing, to say the least. That being said, coolant maintenance is just as important as an oil change for your rig. So what do you need to know to ensure you have the right coolant in your truck? Let us help.

Using the right coolant in your vehicle has a few different benefits. First off, antifreeze/coolant helps protect your vehicle in the wintertime when temperatures reach freezing. In addition, it can also help prevent cavitation in your diesel engine, helping the overall longevity of your rig.

Cavitation happens when there are extreme amounts of pressure in the combustion cycle. That pressure causes small pockets of air to form along the cylinder's liner, causing a number of problems. While coolant can't STOP the formation of those bubbles, it does help create a protective liner between those bubbles and the cylinder wall so that cavitation does not occur.

While coolant can seem overwhelming each package will give you a breakdown of what it's useful for. If that doesn't help, a certified technician at a local dealership or garage will be able to help!

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