Getting Stuck in the Snow

Winter brings with it a whole set of challenges, especially for truck drivers. Whether it's keeping your vehicle road-ready, or trying to avoid delays, there is a lot on a trucker's mind.

We know that you can avoid some issues by leaving for delivery early, and preventative maintenance to keep your vehicle in shape, but what do you do in the event that your rig becomes stuck?

First things first: Don't panic. You aren't the first truck driver to get stuck in the snow, and you won't be the last.

Tire Chains: Tire chains on your rig can help you get out of the snow by providing a better grip. While they won't be much good in the mud of springtime, they can help you in the winter big time.

Don't Spin: Spinning your wheels in the snow is just going to get you more stuck. Move them side to side, pushing the snow away, and packing it down.

Take It Easy: Once you start to feel some motion, ease your way out of the ice or snow. Gunning it will cause your wheels to spin again, leaving you right in the same predicament.

Getting stuck in the snow can be a stressful experience. Always remember not to panic, and if you need help, reach out to dispatch who will get you the help you need!

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