Sharing the road with other vehicles

As a trucker, you'll spend a majority of your time out on the road helping deliver the products and food that people want and need. One of the major constants that you're going to encounter on the highways and byways is other drivers. So how can you deliver your goods safely and efficiently and also keep yourself and other drivers safe? Here are our tips on how to share the road with other vehicles.

When on the highway, the leftmost lanes are reversed for those who drive the fastest. As a truck driver, you know that your rig takes time to get up to top speed, especially uphill and with a full load. Watching for signage and staying in the right lane can help keep everybody safe.

A full truck driving at highway speeds does not slow down quickly. Your best plan due to this is to keep space between you and the vehicles in front of you. If something happens to cause you to have to brake or stop suddenly, leaving space between could potentially save lives.

In the event that you need to change lanes, you can not be too safe. With smaller vehicles potentially in your blind spots, it's always better to check twice before moving into another lane.

Use entrance and exit ramps properly and safely. Ramps have recommended speed limits so that you know how to handle them. Be courteous to other vehicles using them, and be on the lookout for traffic as it can cause backups on-ramps.

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Sharing the road with other vehicles

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