Selling Your Rig For Top Dollar

Have you found yourself ready to move on from your rig? Many drivers find themselves here; They're not done driving, but are ready to move into a newer machine, giving themselves the tools they need to stay comfortable, and productive. Before you start the search for a new vehicle, you want to make sure you get fair value for your current machine. Now, we'll assume that over the years and kilometres, you've been performing regular maintenance on your vehicle to keep it in great shape. Check out the rest of our tips to make sure that you can sell your rig for top dollar.

A clean vehicle sells for a higher price. Even though dirt can be removed easily, if it's on your truck during the appraisal portion of your selling process, it can easily set you back thousands of dollars. Reason being, a dirty vehicle looks worn out and will make potential buyers feel like they can lowball you. So before you take pictures, or bring your vehicle to a potential buyer, take some time to give it a good clean.

The paperwork that you've accrued over the years of owning your vehicle can help you sell at top dollar. Anything that you have can help; the history of the vehicle, the maintenance records, anything that shows that the vehicle is in great condition and shows potential buyers the real selling features.

When you want to sell your vehicle, you need to go where the buyers are. This is made easier with social media like Facebook, and LinkedIn, and websites like Kijiji. Even old fashioned paper fliers can work if you put them up at driver training schools, or at your place of business if you drive for a company.

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