Tips to Maintain your Commercial driver's license

Your Commercial Driver's License is what is going to keep you on the road and working. Without it, your right and privilege as a truck driver become void. While CDL requirements are going ot change from province to province, and territory to territory, here are some basic things to keep in mind to maintain your Commercial Driver's License.

As with a regular driver's license, a CDL does need to be renewed from time to time. That amount of time changes from province to province. By letting your CDL expire, you may have to go through the process of being licensed again, including all testing. Driving with an expired license can also lead to fines, penalties, and other fees, not to mention possibly losing your job, or not being able to get relicensed.

An obvious piece of advice is to avoid driving infractions and convictions. A driver with a record of bad driving as well as tickets and fines from speeding distracted driving, and impaired driving is a driver that most companies are not willing to take a risk on.

Practicing safe driving habits is another sure way to help you maintain your CDL. By being proactive as a driver and maintaining the habits and lessons learned in driver training school, you can help yourself stay clear of infractions, convictions, and many accidents.

Remember; after your truck, your license is the most important thing that keeps you on the road. Keeping it up to date and maintained, while avoiding the costly mistakes that take you off the highway is worth your time and effort.

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Tips to Maintain your Commercial driver's license

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