Ways You Can Lose Your Commercial Driver's License

Last month we talked about the ways you can ensure your Commercial Driver's License (CDL) stays maintained and valid. As a professional driver, your CDL is of equal, or more, importance to your career as your rig is. This month, let's flip the script a bit and talk about potential ways you could lose your Commercial Driver's License.

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal for all motorists. We know this. When it comes to professional drivers, driving drunk or high means not only the potential to lose your CDL, but the loss of earnings, and possibly a career. While there may be some leniency depending on the situation, the risk is not worth it.

Using your vehicle or rig in conjunction with your CDL for any illegal felonies is a sure-fire way to have your license revoked. Similar to driving intoxicated, there may be some leniency, but most situations will call for suspensions or revocation.

As a professional driver, you're held to a higher standard of road safety. While traffic violations have an effect on all drivers, as a CDL holder, repeated violations can and will cause suspensions or revocation of your license.

Your rig is one of the biggest vehicles on the road. What might be a fender bender, or a slight tap in most vehicles, can have the potential to be fatal, especially if you're driving negligently. A driver who kills someone while driving their rig negligently will lose their Commercial Driver's License, not to mention the potential for lawsuits, and criminal charges.

These are just a few of the ways you could potentially lose your CDL. As a professional driver, not having your commercial driver's license, or having it suspended for any amount of time, will likely affect your ability to get jobs. Follow the rules, stay safe, and keep yourself on the highway. The right training is the best way to start. Reach out to Trans Canada College today.

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