How to Clean Snow off of Your Truck and Trailer Properly

Wintertime presents a lot of challenges to truck drivers throughout Canada, and especially on the East Coast. One of those challenges is making sure that your rig is clean and ready to roll to keep both you and your fellow drivers safe on the road. Here are our tips on how to clean snow off your truck and trailer properly.

The easiest way to keep your truck and trailer clean is by parking in sheltered areas as often as possible. Many truck stops offer shelters, meaning that you have one less thing to worry about on the road. Another option is to secure a heavy-duty tarp over the top of your trailer that can be removed when it's time to move again.

Snow and ice buildup in the wheel wells of your truck and trailer can affect your rigs handling, and if it were to come loose, could also cause damage to your vehicle, or to vehicles behind you, not to mention the possibility of injury to those on the highway with you.

Before leaving on a trip, check the weather, and your route for truck stops that offer snow removal services. Some drive-through truck stops are attached with rakes, or brushes, that remove any snow or ice that's accumulated on the roof of your trailer.

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How To Clean Snow Of Your Truck and Trailer Properly

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