Christmas Gifts for Truckers

This year has really hit home how important truck drivers are to our economy. Keeping product moving across our country and making sure we all have what we need is not an easy task. With Christmas and the holidays upon us, here is our 2020 Truck Holiday Gift Guide.

Portable Safe / Cash Box

Wallets, house keys, phones, and other things are some times left in the truck when a driver goes for a meal, or in to speak with the dispatcher at their stop. A portable vehicle safe will let them do this with peace of mind knowing that their valuables are safe in the cab.

Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Let your driver keep in touch with home, handsfree. The cell phone has helped many truckers stay in contact with their family and friends, this gives them a safer way to do it.

Seat Cushion

Truckers, obviously, spend a large amount of their time sitting. A well-made pressure relieving seat cushion can make all the difference, helping your driver to stay comfortable on long hauls.

Satellite Radio

Think of satellite radio hosts as a companion on a trip. With satellite radio technology allowing shows to be broadcast anywhere around the world, there's no need to search for local stations every few miles. With channels devoted specifically to certain bands, or genres, your driver will likely find something they love to listen to.

Audiobook Subscription

And for those that don't need music, but still like to listen, we recommend audiobooks. With an average book clocking in around 7-8 hours, a driver could easily reach their book target for the year!

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