Getting Sleep On the Road

If we could go back in time, there are likely a multitude of things we'd tell our younger selves. "Don't sell that car." "Listen to your parents." "Get more sleep." The older we get, the more we appreciate a good sleep. As adults, our lives become so busy that a good night's sleep often feels more like a luxury than a need. As a truck driver, on the road with deadlines, and traffic, sleep becomes much more important.

A lack of sleep can impair our judgment and our physical reaction time. A cloudy mind and a bad mood can also be caused by poor sleep. Your body uses sleep as a time to repair and heal and without a proper amount, you also run the risk of a lower immune system making it harder for your body to fight off sickness. It almost goes without saying, but a sick driver really shouldn't be driving.

So what can you do to ensure that you get a good night's sleep while you're on the road? We've pulled from our experience to give you this list.

Create a bedtime routine. Get yourself in the mood to sleep by preparing yourself for it. Decide on a time you want to hit the sack and work backward. For example, if 10 pm is your chosen bedtime, at 9:00 start getting ready. Plugin your phone to charge for the night, and turn the screen off. (Blue light from your phone can mess with your sleep). Grab a bottle of water, a book, or a magazine, and get comfortable. If TV is your preferred pastime on the road, set up a couple of 30-minute shows, or an hour-long episode, and prepare for rest.

A few other things to consider;

Park your truck somewhere quiet, and with safety in mind. Whether it's a truck stop, or even a Walmart or mall parking lot, a well-lit and likely secured area will give you peace of mind while you get some rest.

Block out the light with blackout curtains, or an eye mask.

Cut down on noise with earplugs, or a white noise machine. Even a small clock radio tuned between stations can mask the click, bangs, and ticks that might keep you awake.

Invest in a good mattress and pillow combo. Upgrade what's in your cab if it's older, or uncomfortable. Remember; your sleep has a direct impact on your ability to work and make money. Take care of yourself.

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Getting Sleep On The Road

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