Eco-Friendly Trucking

Gas and fossil fuel emissions have had a horrible impact on the environment, but the need to transport goods is still just as important as ever. Electric vehicles for freight are on the way but are still on the horizon. So, what can truckers do in the meantime to help drive eco-friendly? Here's what we suggest.

Plan Your Route: Chances are you're already doing this using your GPS or your smartphone. A quick reiteration that this can help you save fuel, and therefore helping you to drive green is a good idea. If you're driving the same route regularly, learn the traffic patterns and drive when the traffic is lightest. Not only will this get you to your destination more quickly, but it also avoids you having to idle in traffic, and burning unnecessary fuel.

Driving habits can affect the fuel consumption of your vehicle, meaning that if you drive smarter, you can drive greener. Things like filling up in the morning as fuel expands in the heat, meaning if you fill up in the morning when the temperature is low, you'll get more gas in your tank per gallon than if you filled up once the sun is higher in the sky.

Over time your vehicle will become home for your waste. Another way to be green is to sort your waste and recycle what can be recycled. With many gas stations and truck stops providing recycling options, you won't need to look far to help out.

Vehicle maintenance means that if you keep your vehicle in tip-top shape, it will run as it was meant to. When that happens, it burns less fuel, less oil, and requires less gas or diesel to run. Maintaining your rig not only helps the environment, but you're also making sure you stay on the road.

Do you have questions about a career in trucking? Let us know. We'd love to hear from you.

Eco-Friendly Trucking

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