Driving in a Parking Lot

In the world of a truck driver, you are going to spend time in parking lots. Pickups, dropoffs, and even to and from stops, you'll end up needing to guide your rig and load through parking lots to get where you're going. Much like the highway, danger lurks in parking lots so it's up to you to be extra vigilant. Here are our tips for driving in a parking lot.

Most folks in parking lots seem to be in a hurry. Whether it's delivery drivers trying to get to deliveries on time, or customers of businesses trying to get in and out as quick as possible, many folks are going to be moving fast and likely distracted. A minimum of distractions for you as a driver is going to be paramount to help you navigate these spaces safely.

We've all heard of the Golden Rule, but have we all heard of the GOALden Rule? What is the GOALden Rule? Get Out And Look. If you're not sure if you can make a turn, or if you can back in cleanly, get out and look around for anything that could cause you trouble.

While we'd never suggest using them exclusively, the benefits of having a backup camera can absolutely make things easier for you, especially if you're driving a cube truck. Using them in conjunction with the lessons learned in a TCC program can help make your job easier in a busy parking lot.

Another option to consider is off-peak deliveries meaning you can avoid the busy parking lot altogether. By working with shipper/receivers at your destinations you can arrange your stops to coincide with less busy hours, keeping you out of harm's way.

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