Why Choose Winter Tires

Every year right around this time the same thing happens through The Maritimes. We start thinking about winter. As truck drivers and potential truck drivers, that means it's time to change the shoes on our rigs. Winter tires will help you and your vehicle stay safe throughout the colder months when ice and snow are at their worst. If this is your first winter behind the wheel, or even if you just need a refresher, here's why we suggest you look into winter tires.

While all-season tires are safe and can be effective, they are not designed specifically for winter driving conditions. Because Canadian seasons can vary so much from our warm summers to our harsh winters, one set of tires will not able to do everything really well, and you'll find yourself with tires that do most things "ok"; and when it comes to the safety of you and your rig, do you really want "ok"?

A common misconception with winter tires is that they're built for better handling in snow. While they definitely handle better in snow than summer tires, the real reason for winter tires is for colder driving conditions, including, but not limited to, snow. Winter tires are made from a different type of rubber than all seasons or summer tires, allowing the tire to stay flexible in cold weather and keeping better contact with the road in colder conditions.

Deeper treads, running in one direction, allows your winter tires to avoid a buildup of snow, giving you better traction. Better traction is safer driving.

Do you have questions about driving safely? Or are you ready to take the next step into a new career as a professional driver? We'd love to hear from you!

Why Choose Winter Tires

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