Tips for Getting Better Gas Mileage

Every professional driver is at the mercy of two things: traffic, and fuel. While we can't control other people's driving, as much as we wish we could, it's beyond us. But what we can work towards is better fuel economy. A lot of this comes down to having the proper training in driving, controlling, and preparing your rig, all things we can teach you at Trans Canada College. Read on to find out our tips for getting better gas mileage in your truck.

Planning your route is the easiest way to work towards better gas mileage. Knowing where you're going, and how you're going to get there helps to minimize backtracking and unnecessary turnarounds. Avoid driving during peak hours, and when you have to make a stop, try to focus on one-stop-shop areas to avoid making multiple stops.

Speed kills fuel economy. The faster you drive, the harder you're pushing your vehicle's engine, which means it's going to burn fuel faster. You may find yourself falling behind schedule and trying to drive faster to make up the difference, but the faster you go, the more fuel you're going to use up.

If the tires on your rig are not at the proper pressure, your fuel economy will suffer. For every 10 psi that your tires are underinflated, you will see a 1% reduction in your fuel economy, and if you're driving long-haul, that can add up real quick. If you haven't already, consider a wide base tire which can also help lower your fuel usage.

Idling is literally a waste. Your vehicle is sitting and doing absolutely nothing other than burning fuel. If you need to stop for any amount of time, turn your vehicle off. One minute of idling burns the same amount of fuel as turning your rig on. Turn it off.

There are of course smaller things you can do, like ensuring the weight of your vehicle is at its lowest possible, meaning leaving the extras behind. Travel as lightly as possible to keep more money in your pocket instead of using it on fuel.

Do you have questions about semi-trucks, and transports? Are you thinking about becoming a professional driver? Trans Canada College has new classes starting almost monthly for the next twelve months, in four locations through New Brunswick. We'd love to help you get behind the wheel of your new career.

Getting Better Gas Mileage

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