Things You Need To Know About Being an OTR Trucker

Does the opening riff of Steppenwolf's Born to Be Wild have you yearning for the open road? Would you love to see new parts of your country from the high seat of your rig? Were you quite literally born to drive? Over the Road trucking might be the lifestyle for you! And remember, OTR driving is just that; a lifestyle. One that appeals to many people, but can be a huge learning curve for others. Here's what you need to know before you sign up.

Driving Over the Road means you spend a lot of time by yourself, which for some is amazing. There's no boss over your shoulder and other than departure and arrival times, the schedule is yours to make as long as you make it on time. There are of course calls from dispatch, and you have to follow the laws around how much time to spend on the highway, but if you strive under minimal oversight from the office and can still get the job done, this might be your ideal.

Over the Road truckers are usually fairly compensated as well. If you are a person who is ok with being away from home for lengths of time, the money makes it even more appealing. Being paid by the mile or kilometre means some drivers make their truck their home, and use truck stops as a makeshift home base between trips

Over the Road trucking for those who love driving can be almost seen as a paid vacation! With stops in far off cities, and the scenery between, long haul drivers get to see our environment from a different angle.

While there is no real wrong reason for getting into and loving OTR driving, for some people it comes down to a love for big trucks. From a young age, big machinery holds many people rapt while they watch them move and look in wonder as they pull necessities around this great country of ours.

Are you considering a career on the road? Whether OTR is your choice, or if you prefer local, or even regional driving, we've got the training you need. Reach out to us today!

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