Preparing Your Rig (And Yourself) for Winter

Wintertime is tough on transports. Between the snow, ice, sleet, and salt on the highway, the frame, undercarriage, and every other part of your rig barely stand a chance. But the beginning of winter doesn’t mean the end of driving. We’re still needed out there, so here are a few things you can do to keep your rig running smoothly all winter long.

Check Your Battery: Cold weather will drain your battery. Before you hit the road, test your battery to make sure it has enough strength to keep you on the road. There’s no ideal time to have to change your truck’s battery, but it’s less than ideal when you’re stuck on the highway and it’s below zero.

Tire Pressure: Every drop of 10 degrees Fahrenheit equals a loss of 2 psi of air in your tires. The less pressure in your tire, the less control and grip on the highway. Diligence in checking your tire pressure is going to be very important throughout the cold months.

Keep an Eye on the Weather: We’ve all heard the old saying “If you don’t like the weather in Canada, wait 20 minutes.” That saying becomes more true in wintertime. Going from clear and sunny skies to overcast and snow can happen in an instant and can catch you by surprise, especially if you’re unprepared. Before you leave, check the reports and plan accordingly.

Pack for Emergencies: Anything can happen when you’re on the road, especially in wintertime. Before you leave, plan for some extra travel time, and pack an emergency kit. Snacks, extra clothing, water/drinks are a great start to make sure you’re able to stay safe in the event you’re stuck on the side of the highway with a rig that can’t keep you warm.

Preparing Your Rig (And Yourself) for Winter