Canadian Roadside Attractions

When you’re a trucker on the road, you will find yourself in some places you never expected to be. This is one of the many great things about driving truck. In that spirit, we’d love to share with you our favourite roadside attractions, from Atlantic Canada to Ontario, and all points in between!

Nackawic, NB, a beautiful town on the shores of the Saint John River is home to the World’s Largest Axe! New Brunswick has a proud history of forest industry, and this 50-foot long axe helps to symbolize that!

In 1878, the world’s largest Giant Squid washed up on the shores of Glover’s Harbour, NFLD. 55 feet long, and weighing over 2 tons, the town has celebrated it by erecting a life sized statue of the beast near where the original was found. If you’ve got time, the Bayview Lookout Trail ends at a viewpoint overlooking the Giant Squid.

No trip through Canada’s Ocean Playground is complete without pulling off in Oxford to see the World’s Largest Blueberry. Known worldwide for its wild blueberries, with their local wild blueberry processor moving up to three million pounds of blueberries a day during peak season.

The Lynbrook Family Golf Centre in Amaranth Ontario is home to the World’s Largest Golf Bag, so if you’re happening through and are on a break, grab a tee time, shoot the front nine and see a giant golf bag!

Prince Edward Island is packed full of things to see and do, but they do know how to welcome you with a replica of one of the girders that hold up the Confederation Bridge, the longest bridge over ice-covered water in the world!

If you’re driving truck chances are you like big trucks. On your way through Quebec, stop in to see the giant Caterpillar 789 Dump Truck in Fermont Quebec! 12-foot tires, and over 1700 horsepower, the 789 is a big piece of machinery worth pulling over to see!

Canadian Roadside Attractions